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Long Caye Ecosystems

Itza Resort is proud to participate in the long-term sustainability plan of Long Caye.
The owners of Long Caye believe it is critical to protect the lagoons, mangroves, natural habitat and surrounding waters of Long Caye and the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Development on the island is carefully designed and regulated to help preserve all the natural wonders that took eons to create.

Mangroves are Essential to the Island

As you explore the grounds of Itza Resort you will notice a preponderance of salt-tolerant vegetation called mangroves. While many establishments have sought to eradicate these plant communities in favor of development, Itza Resort has recognized the critically important role that the mangrove eco-system plays in the long-term health of Long Caye and the entire Lighthouse Reef. We are aware that enormous ecological benefits are present when a mangrove is healthy.

The Caye’s protected lagoons and mangrove plant communities provide habitat for an abundance of tropical wildlife, such as breeding fish, birds, sea turtles, American saltwater crocodiles and iguanas, to name a few.

The mangroves are an essential component of the wildlife’s eco-system — offering them a home and safety and, reproduction of flora and fauna and wildlife that are native to Belize.

High and low mangrove plant communities can be seen throughout the caye, harboring important nurseries for marine life, as well as nesting areas for a wide variety of birds.


Mangroves Provide

  • an important buffer for the protection of the coral reef by trapping sediment from the sandy beaches of Long Caye

  • an important buffer for Long Caye that stabilizes the shore, protecting against erosion

  • a protective habitat and breeding grounds for many species of fish and other marine life

  • a food source for many species

Take a Boat Ride Through the Mangroves!

Mangroves grow abundantly around the Caye and can be seen in their natural beauty everywhere.

As you walk or kayak around Itza Resort and Long Caye, you will see all three species of mangroves- red, black and white. We hope you enjoy the benefits that the mangrove eco-system provides this tropical paradise!

In many places, the water is shallow and clear — making it easy to walk into the open spaces amongst the mangroves. You can see every pebble of sand below the water!